Proving Ground

Proving Ground

PG 101: The other kind of forensics for hackers

This year, Proving Ground is trying something different. Instead of our normal 4-month program, we’re going to run a two-day workshop to focus specifically on public speaking in the professional sphere.

Accepted applicants will come to BSLV and spend day 1 working with a small team of mentors to build a 10-minute presentation based on one of these scenarios:

  • Presenting the results of a penetration test or security audit to a customer;
  • Assembling a technical presentation for consumption by an audience of one’s peers;
  • An internal engineering “pitch” (requesting funding or resources for an internal project)

On day two, they’ll present their prepared talks to an audience, in a style similar to high school forensics.

Just like the normal Proving Ground experience, we’re limiting applications to those who haven’t spoken at a major international hacker conference. If you’re interested, please apply!