Pros V Joes CTF

The Pros V Joes CTF is an event where the average Joe can have a chance to defend along with Professionals in the field, to learn from them while having fun. The game consists of live combat, with each team of Joes defending a network from a Red Cell of professional hackers. Each team of Joes will be lead by a Pro Captain (PvJ Staff) and Pro co-Captain. These fine folks will help train and prepare their Joes, supporting them throughout the two days of carnage and mayhem.

The 2024 calls for Joes and Pros are now OPEN! Apply to be a Pro or a Joe or check out our sponsorship opportunities.

As in the past, this game is designed to give regular Joes their first taste of live-fire security, where they have to defend networks against Professionals who know how to break in.

For the Pros, this is a chance to flex your muscles, showing how good you are against live threats. Or, if we accept you to our Red Team to play with our PvJ Staffers, it’s a chance to show your skills in pwning all the things. For both colors of Pro, Red and Blue, it is a chance to lend your experience to help others improve their game.

The environment to host this CTF is laced with various surprises to keep the game interesting. The networks that the Blue Teams must defend will be a mix of Windows and Linux, with the typical Internet services (web, DNS, mail, etc) and a mix of obscure systems and services.

For more information for both Pros AND Joes head over to Also, watch for tweets from @dichotomy1, our Red Blue and Gold teams, or any of the rest of the PvJ Staff.